Sunday, June 21, 2009


Daddy and Pressle went swimming one evening the pool was a little to cold for me to get in but i loved watching the two of the laugh and enjoy themselves. We never thought that Preslee would get in because it was a little cold but she dove right in. She loved spending all that extra time with her dad, and i loved watching!!!!

We also got the chance to go to Disneyland and Sea world! We had so much fun!!! We decided to get in as much fun as possible before Clint starts school in August!

Look mom its mickey mouse!!!!

Looking at all the neat animals!

Loving the shows at Sea world!!!

Shamu! That seriously is one BIG whale! We had such a great vacation! visiting both these places in 2days was a little ambitious with a 2 year but we had blast with each other!!!


lacie tidwell said...

FUN summer time!! live it up now before nursing school! looks like a fun trip!

Summers said...

Okay so Preslee may have her Daddy's hair and skin, but she really looks just like you in the face! That is crazy! Looks like you had fun in Disneyland! We are headed down that way this week for the first time with our girls! I am super excited!