Monday, January 05, 2009


Yesterday at church was a day I really needed. The past couple of months have been very difficult for my family. My mom..... who is my strength and my teacher and dosent even know it sometimes was diagnosed with Breast cancer. My goal was to never let her see me cry, to be there for her every step of the way and help her through everything just like she has helped me through life. While my mom was seeing doctors and making appointments, going to MRIs i noticed this strange neck pain i was having I was having i couldn't turn my head in either direction. In my head I thought I may have picked Preslee up wrong. So a few days go by and I start to feel the symptoms of a sinus infection. Well I saw a doctor who gave me some medicine and before I know it I'm in the emergency room getting lumbar punctures. I ended having to stay about 3 days and it happend to be right over Christmas. Turns out I have Psuedo Tumor Cebri. My body is senses a tumor in my brain thats not there(good news) but they dont know what causes it.(bad news) I just have to take some medicine to keep my spinal fluid at a normal level or I get this out of control headaches. But what I learned through all this is the love of family is so great. MY wonderful husband who layed with me in my hospital bed on Christmas day instead of our new house and without our daughter, he stayed just to hold me while we cried, we still have each other clint told me. He was and is my strength everyday!!! I love him with all my HART!!!!! My mom who has breast cancer blow drying hair because the pain was to bad to flip my head over. My wonderful sister and best friend cooking such great meals for us and giving Preslee a Proper Christmas Morning!!!! Tyler and Tippy thanks for coming and visiting so good to see you and growing tummy!!! love you guys!! Ann thanks for taking on Preslee when you had the whole family there. I know you loved it. I love you. Thank You for the flowers. Burke and Nikki thanks for the yummy meal and girls thanks the yummy cookies and beautiful notes. Thanks for all the prayers!!
MY Heavenly loves my so much and I know that through all this I will grow stronger and be a better person who will one day be able to help someone return. This year in relief society its all based on HOPE so its the year for me. The lord knew i was holding out my hand asking for some and her it comes. I love my savior Jesus Christ. Preslee and Clint...... I love you more than words can say not day goes by that I don't think it. We have our rough days but I love you both with all my HART!!!!! We will get through this together!!!!!!